The Funian Village

Gardens have been established around The Funian Village’s houses and farms. Gardens were important in 19th century subsistence farming. This is where they grew vegetables and herbs that were used for cooking and making drinks. That is why the gardens are also an important part of the information about The Funian Village. When you roam the Village you can visit kitchen gardens and hop gardens, orchards and ornamental gardens - or walk through the beautiful rectory garden at Tommerup Rectory.

Apart from telling the story of subsistence farming in the countryside in the 19th century, the garden’s crops are also used for making food on the old stoves in connection with Living History.

Kitchen gardens

The kitchen gardens were where vegetables and herbs were grown for cooking purposes.  The most important of these was cabbage, which could remain outside in frosty weather throughout the winter without losing its nutritious properties. 

Hop gardens

Hops have been grown in Denmark since the 12th century. In the 19th century Fun was the most important hop-growing area, and virtually every country estate had its hop garden. The hop was important because it was used to flavour and increase the shelf life of the beer that was brewed.


Orchards were where fruit and berries were grown, both for fruit drinks and food. The orchards contained apple and pear trees, possibly plum or cherry trees, and berry bushes. In the fertile Funian region, fruit crops were very successful in the 18th and 19th centuries. 

Ornamental gardens

Ornamental gardens were a real latecomer that began to spread across the country at the end of the 19th century. Ornamental gardens were inspired by the gardens of the gentry and were primarily for recreational purposes. They were home to flowering and scented flowers that pleased the senses.

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22 June there is FREE admission for all 70-year olds
in connection with The Funian Village’s 70th anniversary                    


The Funian Village

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