Frederiksborg Palace Garden

Frederiksborg Palace Garden at Hillerød offers a wide range of experiences. The palace gardens consist of two distinct gardens. The symmetric, Italianesque baroque garden consists of terraces with a cascade in the central axis, surrounded by a large border parterre and bosquets with geometrically-formed beds and topiary. The gardens, which were planned by J.C. Krieger, were recreated in 1996.
The second part is a landscaped, forested area with free-growing woodland, large grassy areas, lakes, streams and winding paths. The most significant elements are the variations between the wooded hillocks and the open landscaped spaces that are formed by either the grassy meadows or lakes. In addition, the solitary trees, and trees with particularly characteristic growth shapes, play an important part in creating variation in the experience. Canals, ponds and buildings that are dotted around the garden also make up central scenarios.
Rendelæggerbakken is the original road that led to both the Bathhouse and Fredensborg Palace. It forms a central structure and link between the baroque garden and the palace, dividing the palace gardens in two.


Frederiksborg Palace Garden

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  • Royal gardens


  • Car parking - Yes
  • Bus parking - Yes
  • Toilets - Yes
  • Handicap toilets - Yes
  • Brochures / information - Yes, it can be downloaded from the website
  • Café / restaurant / vending machine - Café Havehuset
  • Picnic sites - There are no specific picnic sites, but you can use the garden’s lawns and grassy areas for various activities
  • Guided tours - Guided tours of the beautiful Baroque Garden in Fredensborg Palace Garden are available. On tours, a guide from theFriends of the Baroque Garden will tell stories of the garden’s past and present. Can be booked from the management
  • Dogs welcome - Dogs are not admitted to the recreated part of the baroque garden. Dogs may be walked on a lead in the other parts of the baroque garden. Dogs can run loose in certain parts of the garden, for more information, please see the website
  • Miscellaneous - Frederiksborg Palace, see the website