Fredensborg Palace Garden

Fredensborg Palace Garden in north Zealand is one of Denmark’s most magnificent formal gardens. Avenues radiate from the palace in a star shape, making it a powerful centre point, which once symbolised the power of the absolute monarch. The dead-straight avenues were intended to demonstrate the power of mankind over nature.

The gardens are a prime example of the pompous baroque style, typified by Versailles in Paris. The gardens are richly decorated with sculptures, primarily from the 1760 - 1770 period.

The romantic style, which the palace garden was partially remodelled to in 1833 - 1850, is clearly visible in the gardens’ natural wooded areas. Most of the avenues were removed back then, only to be replaced in the latter quarter of the 20th Century, making it possible once again to experience the long view lines down towards Esrum Sø lake.

Parts of the baroque gardens have undergone comprehensive restoration and replacement, and were formally opened on 17 September 2013. This consisted of Brede Allé, the avenue that forms the main axis of the palace gardens, as well as the two gardens “ballonpladsen (the balloon square)” and “vinhøsten (the wine harvest)” and the parterre in front of the palace’s garden facade.

Nordmandsdalen, the Valley of the Norsemen, has also been rehabilitated, with 70 recreated sculptures that form the framework around a unique horticultural work of art from the 1760s.

The attractions of the Reserved Garden include the Rose Garden, the Herb Garden and the Orangery. The Herb Garden supplies fresh produce to the Royal Court.


Fredensborg Palace Garden

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  • Car parking - Yes
  • Bus parking - Yes
  • Toilets - Yes
  • Handicap toilets - Yes
  • Brochures / information - Yes, can be downloaded from the website
  • Café / restaurant / vending machine - Restaurant Skipperhuset, Café just outside the main entrance
  • Picnic sites - There are no specific picnic sites, but you can use the garden’s lawns and grassy areas for various activities
  • Guided tours - In April, you can take guided tours of the public parts of the Palace Gardens. For further information, please see our website
  • Shop - Yes, in the summer season, July to mid-August
  • Benches in the garden - Yes
  • Dogs welcome - Yes, on a lead
  • Miscellaneous - Fredensborg Palace, the Reserved Garden, the Rose Garden and the Orangery, please see our website