Frederiksberg Garden & Søndermarken

Frederiksberg Have and Søndermarken are two romantic gardens that surround Frederiksberg Palace.

Frederiksberg Garden’s history dates all the way back to the end of the 17th century, and up through the 18th it was a large baroque garden. Only a few elements of that time now remain – namely, the terraces to the north of the palace. Frederiksberg Garden is now a landscape garden in the romantic style, with the expression that it was given when it was changed from the baroque garden to the landscaped romantic garden in the period between 1798 and 1804.

Søndermarken has a parallel history, but is now also a romantic landscaped wooded garden, with echoes of the avenue structures from the baroque period. The heritage elements in Søndermarken have been recreated and re-interpreted in connection with the Life and Light project in Søndermarken, which took place between 2012 and 2014.

Frederiksberg Garden and Søndermarken have a wide range of activities and experiences to offer.


Frederiksberg Garden & Søndermarken

Frederiksberg, Runddel 1

Søndermarken, Roskildevej,



+45 3395.4200




  • Royal gardens


  • Car parking - No official car park, but you can park on the public road areas. Please be aware of specific time restrictions
  • Bus parking - No official bus park, but you can use the bus parking at the Zoological Gardens
  • Toilets - Yes
  • Handicap toilets - Yes
  • Brochures / information - Brochures can be downloaded from our website
  • Café / restaurant / vending machine - There is a wide range of cafés and restaurants in and around the gardens. Why not try Café Funder at Frederiksberg Runddel, the family gardens, Bjælkehuset, etc.
  • Picnic sites - Søndermarken has tables and seats with space for around 50 people close to the Norwegian House, but there are also many other suitable areas
  • Guided tours - Can be booked from the management
  • Benches in the garden - Yes
  • Dogs welcome - , on a lead, remember poop bags Søndermarken has a specified off-the-lead area
  • Miscellaneous - Special events and activities throughout the summer; please see our website