Bernstorff Palace Garden

The Bernstorff Palace Garden was established at the end of the 1760s in the French rococo style – a style of garden that was a new arrival in Denmark at the time.

The Bernstorff Palace Garden was later remodelled and now appears as a landscaped garden with wooded areas, open glades, copses and wooded fringes in an exaggerated expression. There are a few remainders of the oldest gardens around the palace, such a quincunx and lime avenues – Probably traces of Bernstorff’s classic gardens from the 1760s.

The south-western section of the garden is a large area that is home to an orchard and nursery, and their associated buildings, dating back to the 1760s, but which now primarily house elements from around the middle of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th.

Bernstorff Palace Garden now presents a mid-19th century landscaped garden, which overall is characterised by large open grassy spaces with individual free-standing trees, surrounded by thick woodland and glades. The nursery and orchard also play a central part in the experience of the Bernstorff Palace Gardens.


Bernstorff Palace Garden

Jægersborg Allé 93



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  • Royal gardens


  • Car parking - No official car park, but you can park on the public road areas. Please be aware of specific time restrictions
  • Bus parking - No official bus parking
  • Toilets - Yes
  • Handicap toilets - Yes
  • Brochures / information - Brochures can be downloaded from our website
  • Café / restaurant / vending machine - Tea served in Dronning Louises Tehus (weekends during the summer season) Café in Den Svenske Villa
  • Picnic sites - In the nursery area where you can also find the toilets in Dronning Louises Tehus
  • Guided tours - Can be booked from the management
  • Benches in the garden - Yes
  • Dogs welcome - Dogs off the lead are welcome apart from in specific places in the gardens