The Baroque Park at Clausholm Castle

Description of the garden

The park and gardens around Clausholm Castle are one of the earliest and best-preserved baroque gardens in Denmark. The park is acknowledged as one of the most significant and most preservation-worthy gardens in Denmark. The baroque garden and the 57-acre castle park were established back in the 1690s by the castle gardener Nikolaj Brandt, in accordance with plans drawn up by the Swedish Court Architect, Nicodemus Tessin the Younger.

The ideal for the baroque period was strict symmetry, and that is reflected clearly in the gardens. The castle is linked

to the castle park by a symmetrical axis, which stretches along the entire length of the park from the avenue Nordallé, the stables and the castle yard in the north, through the castle’s central Garden Hall, where even the floor planks follow the axis, and on to the fountains, over the terraced garden, ending at a memorial obelisk to Baron Adam C. Berner-Schilden-Holsten, erected later in 1917.

The fountains were planned as early as the 18th century, but the water pressure was insufficient, so the project could only be realised with modern technology. The current fountains were constructed in 1976 in accordance with Professor C. Th. Sørensen’s plans.

The zoo, which is part of the park’s original facilities from the 1690s, can be found to the southwest of the castle. The avenues in the Huidtfeldtske Park, from the period from 1760-1790, consist mainly of the originally planted trees. They are still characteristic elements of the park, and if you take a closer look, you will also find rotundas and geometric glades surrounded by lime trees.


The Baroque Park at Clausholm Castle

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  • Castle and Manor House gardens


  • Car parking - Spaces for 100 cars
  • Bus parking - Spaces for 4 buses
  • Toilets - No handicap toilets
  • Brochures / information - At the entrance to the garden
  • Picnic sites - Only inside the garden
  • Benches in the garden
  • Dogs welcome - Yes, on a lead, remember poop bags